Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ICE storm

I grew up with snow and remembering how fun it was to play in it, building snowmen and having snowball fights but now that I'm in Texas we get ice storms. Jace decided today that that could be fun too. He ran his tractor over patches that hadn't melted to experience the slick fun!


I'm master of the kitchen and am not the best at sharing but I'm getting better!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Gifts

Cream Puffs

My aunt Didi makes the best cream puffs. It is a Christmas tradition that I long for all year long!


I drove...and drove...and drove to Oklahoma for Christmas with mommas family. We had lots of fun and once again I raked in the gifts!

Christmas Eve

Macie and I had a great time getting into the spirit. Aunt Dana had cookies for us to decorate for Santa- to which I was shocked he ate! We both got some great gifts and proved to everyone that we really were good this year! ;)